10 Free Things To Do In Athens, Greece

10 Free Things To Do In Athens, Greece

Athens is a dynamic and vibrant capital where archaeological vestiges live next to modern constructions. As such, it has countless options for adventurers, history buffs, sun worshippers, and epicureans. But if you are visiting the city on a tight budget, there are plenty of things to do without breaking the bank. Here are ten free activities to explore when in the Greek capital.

Get Lost In The National Garden

This central public park is located right next to the Parliament Building in Syntagma. Featuring a botanical museum, a small pond, plus a zoo and a café, this green area offers a welcoming break from the concrete jungle on any warm day. Make a day of it and bring your picnic plus a good book.

Enjoy Scenic Views From High Up

Blessed with a diverse topography, Athens has a few hills you can climb, allowing you to enjoy all-encompassing views, from the land to the sea. As an extension of Acropolis Hill, Filopappou Hill is a climber’s paradise on warm days – a place where you can grab a beer at a nearby kiosk or periptero and enjoy majestic views of Athens and the port of Piraeus. If you need to take a rest after visiting the Acropolis, take a break at the Vrahakia, the rocky top of Aeropagus Hill, right across from the entrance of the sacred site. From there, you can admire the actual size of the city and simply relax. For a pleasant afternoon, climb Strefi Hill, in Exarcheia, for an excellence vantage point from which to admire the Acropolis. Finally, finish the day with a hike up Lycabettus Hill, the highest summit in the city. The sunset from there is truly fabulous.

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