About Us

Royalty Tours has an experience that goes back to 15 years of tourism expertise with high demands.

Our goal is to treat every guest as vip – royalty and to go beyond his expectations so as to create for him a unique travelling experience that he will love to share with everyone.

All of our guests are repeaters and we want to build the same relationship of trust and responsibility with our future guests.

We love travelling and our travel experts are promising to make you feel the same way as you will explore the magic of Greece and it’s hidden treasures.

Since we have an energetic Corporate Social Responsibility department in our company, part of our profits goes towards supporting regional community and in our daily office life we never forget the importance of recycling.

We are also collecting bottle caps to help buy wheel chairs and we will be glad if during your trip you will aid us in to support this cause.

We love to create extraordinary tours, dreams and unforgettable memories so we cannot wait to meet you and share our travelling experience with you by creating your unique royalty tour.